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Partnering with Children, Youth, and Families

Collaborative partnerships between staff and consumers based on mutual respect and a common commitment to healing leads to increased engagement, retainment, and successful outcomes for children, youth, and families.

Advancing Partnerships with Children, Youth, and Families can include:

  • Organizational policies and decisions that are conducted with transparency, with the goal of building and maintaining trust among children, youth, and families
  • Understanding from the workforce that healing happens in the sharing of power and decision-making (e.g., assessment and treatment results are shared with the child and family and discussed as a team)
  • Satisfaction surveys or measurement methods used to modify care when appropriate
  • Children, youth, and family‚Äôs strengths are recognized, built on, and validated
  • Strengthening the experience of choice for children, youth, and family members
    • Ensuring children and families are actively involved in identifying service or treatment goals
    • Regular check-ins to assure that there is agreement about where treatment or services are focused.