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Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS)

A stronger and more resilient organization is one that supports and strengthens those exposed to the first hand emotional duress of another.

Advancing Secondary Traumatic Stress in the workforce can include:

  • Providing opportunities for learning about and understanding the impact of STS through trainings and/or workshops
  • Ensuring supervisors are trained in reflective supervision and managing STS with supervisees
  • Staff are given adequate resources for self-care, including supervision, consultation, and peer support that addresses STS
  • Staff perceive program managers and supervisors have an understanding of the emotional impact (burnout, vicarious trauma) associated with their work
  • Self-care is encouraged and supported with policy and practice
  • Procedures that are sensitive to the impact of trauma on the workforce (e.g., asking permission to discuss trauma narratives, use of grounding activities at the end of staffing’s)
  • Procedures to support physical and psychological safety for staff


  • Online Training

  • In-person Training

  • Webinars/Recordings

  • Training Guides & Curricula