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Trauma-Informed Care Initiatives

Below are a list of resources that highlight trauma-informed care initiatives both locally and nationwide.



A Statewide Introduction of Trauma-Informed Care in a Child Welfare System

This article discusses the initial stages of a trauma-informed training program for the Arkansas Division of Child and Family Services.

Advancing Trauma-Informed Care

This website highlights the Advancing Trauma-Informed Care project, which is led by the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This national initiative focusses on the implementation of trauma-informed approaches within the health care sector.

Building Capacity for Trauma-Informed Care in the Child Welfare System: Initial Results of a Statewide Implementation

This article describes an evaluation of a statewide initiative in Connecticut and describes strategies used to create a trauma-informed child welfare system.

IMPACT: Advancing Trauma-Informed Systems for Children

This document provides a framework for developing a comprehensive and integrated trauma-informed system of care for children. Examples are provided from Connecticut’s child-serving systems implementing trauma-informed programs and services.

Implementation of a Workforce Initiative to Build Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice and Services: Findings from the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project

This article describes the development and implementation of a statewide TIC initiative and discusses key lessons learned.

Laying the Groundwork for Trauma-Informed Care

This 2018 brief includes recommendations for health care organizations  interested in becoming trauma-informed. The information included draws from experience of pilot sites in Advancing Trauma-Informed Care (ATC), a national initiative.

Lessons from the Front Lines: Insights into TIC for Medicaid’s Complex Populations

This webinar, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit, provides an introduction to trauma-informed care and explores innovative strategies being used by two organizations in Oregon and New Jersey implementing trauma-informed approaches to care.

Trauma-Informed Care in Massachusetts Child Trauma Project

This article discusses findings of a statewide trauma-informed care initiative in the child-welfare system and mental health network.


Invest in Healing: Supporting Trauma-Informed Care for Youth. A Formative Evaluation of the Youth & Trauma-Informed Care Grant Program

This report discusses  findings and lessons learned from the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region—Community Benefit Programs (KPCBP)’s Youth and Trauma-informed Care grant program (YTIC)