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Additional information on the KidSTART Clinic Caregiver Wellness Program

What should a caregiver expect?

The child’s therapist helps caregivers understand the impact of their health on their child’s well-being through a screening process. If the caregiver is interested in services, caregivers complete an assessment and are immediately assigned a Parent Care Coordinator. The Parent Care Coordinator utilizes Motivational Interviewing and engagement strategies developed by Dr. Mary McKay to develop trust and rapport with the caregiver. Upon being assigned to work with a caregiver:

  • The Parent Care Coordinator conducts a home visit when appropriate to determine the caregiver’s strengths and resource/support needs.
  • A Caregiver Support Team meeting occurs which involves the caregiver, the caregiver’s natural supports, child’s therapist, and Parent Care Coordinator.
  • A Wellness Plan is mutually created during the Caregiver Support Team meeting.
  • The caregiver is connected with various services, including specific community linkages and therapeutic, educational, or support groups.

What services are offered in the Caregiver Wellness Program?

  • Membership in a Caregiver Support Team (see below)
  • Connection to community resources such as housing programs, legal assistance, and faith-based communities
  • Linkage to adult wellness services including doctors, therapists, and nutritionists
  • Weekly educational, therapeutic, and support groups for caregivers focused on:
    • Education about stressors associated with caregiving
    • Techniques to enhance the child-caregiver relationship
    • Specialized support groups for foster and adoptive parents

What is a Caregiver Support Team?

  • A Caregiver Support Team is a group of individuals who support adults toward their attainment of confidence, happiness, and overall fulfillment.
  • The first job of the Caregiver Support Team is to help caregivers decide what services might be of interest to them. After that, they connect caregivers to resources and support.
  • This team helps educate families about the role of toxic stress in caring for a child with complex social-emotional, behavioral health, and developmental needs.
  • They discuss how this toxic stress impacts a child’s development and interacts with existing parent issues ranging from a history of traumatic stress to broader behavioral health and substance abuse challenges.
Who is on a Caregiver Support Team? What Do They Do?
Caregiver Offers expertise on their life and experiences
KidSTART Clinic Therapist Helps bridge the child’s treatment and caregiver’s wellness
Parent Care Coordinator Connects the caregiver to resources and other services
Circle of Support (such as family members, friends and neighbors) Encourages the caregiver to maintain wellness